Want to join us as a Producer?

Coleford Market

Anyone over the age of 16 may apply to become a producer on payment of a life membership fee of 5p! Once accepted, producers can sell at any of the 15 markets within Gloucestershire provided that what they produce is of an acceptably high standard. There are no minimum quantities and there is no commitment to producing every week, but regular producers soon build up a reputation and their products are sought after by customers.

The Market is a co-operative and no one has their own stall - all goods are put on sale together, like with like, and producers are expected to take their turn in staffing stalls and generally helping with the running the Market. Many producers fit their cooking, growing and craft-making around family or work commitments. You could use the market to sell some extra produce from your garden, or you could be there every week selling your handmade crafts.

Producers decide the price to put on their goods (in agreement with the Market Manager and any other producers of similar items) and how much to bring each week. Each producer's goods are 'checked in' at the start and 'checked out' at the end of market to work out how much has sold. At the end of every month the Treasurer settles the account. A small commission - less than 10% - is deducted from the total to cover the expenses of running the Market, insurance, County and Headquarters expenses.

Every member has to agree to abide by the Market Rules. Cooks have to have current Food Hygiene Certificates and all goods must have been produced by the member - no bought-in produce. By being a member everyone has full Product and Public Liability Insurance while selling through Country Markets Limited.

Being a member brings benefits of friendship and a sense of belonging to a sociable, supportive organisation working at the very heart of the local community.

If you might like to join Coleford Market, either as a producer or a helper, please come and introduce yourself at a market, or contact us by email at info@colefordcountrymarket.co.uk. As a producer you will be given lots of advice and help to make extra money for yourself, and as a helper you will get the opportunity of making new friends and meeting lots of local people.